Dear Educator

As part of a Master’s of Educational leadership at Vancouver Island University, I am conducting research into teacher attitudes toward social and emotional learning (SEL) programs. SEL programs teach students how to recognize and manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions and handle challenging situations constructively.

In order to do this research, I am asking for the assistance of educators throughout B.C. to complete a ten minute (or less) online survey. Furthermore, I would greatly appreciate your assistance by forwarding this ‘invitation to participate’ to any other B.C. educators that you think may be willing to complete the survey.

Thank you for your consideration of this important research. If you have any questions, please email me at smarshall[at]


Attitudes toward teaching and implementation of social and emotional learning programs’

Sarah Marshall, Student
Masters in Educational Leadership
Vancouver Island University (VIU)
Harry Janzen, Supervisor and Dean
Faculty of Education
Vancouver Island University (VIU)

Principal Investigator: Sarah Marshall

Dear Participant,

Project Purpose: I am a student at Vancouver Island University in the Masters in Educational Leadership Program. As such, I am required to complete a research project. My research project is investigating the attitudes of teachers toward implementing and teaching social and emotional skill programs. The results of this research will be compiled into a written report as part of the requirements of the Masters program. The results may be shared with other educators in the form of a PowerPoint presentation at professional conferences. As well the results, in a written or presentation format, may be used to lobby school administrators and boards for resources to support SEL implementation.

What is it? Social and emotional learning programs teach students how to recognize and manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions and handle challenging situations constructively. Examples of programs in B.C include the Friends, Roots of Empathy, and Mind up.

Description: You are being asked to complete a survey where you will self-report attitudes toward SEL teaching and implementation. You have received this email because you are an educator in British Columbia. You will be asked to provide some detail about what you feel is needed for SEL implementation. You will also be asked three non-identifying demographic questions. You will be asked to fill out one survey online; this should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey host company is Fluid Surveys; the privacy policy is outlined at

Potential Risks and Benefits: There are no known risks associated with your participation in this research. The potential benefits are the opportunity to contribute to research and the ensuing recommendations will come out of this study. The collective results of the study may contribute to the breadth of knowledge in the arena of social and emotional education.

Confidentiality: The survey questionnaire will not ask specifically for names of individuals or any other distinguishing factor, such as school or district names. Your email address will not be recorded and there will be no way to link your identity to the information that you provide. Information collected will remain confidential and results will reflect trends of the entire group, not specific relationships, ensuring anonymity. The data collected will be maintained for two years, after which time, it will be deleted or destroyed.

Participation: Your participation in research is completely voluntary. If you choose not to participate there are no penalties or loss of benefits or services that you are otherwise entitled. If you decide to participate and then withdraw or skip a question there are no penalties, loss of benefits or services. Whether or not you choose to participate in this project will have no effect on your relationship with VIU now or in the future. You are free to withdraw from the survey while completing it, however once it has been submitted, there is no way to identify or remove participants’ individual responses from the aggregate data. Therefore, participant withdrawal from the study is only possible to the point of survey submission.
If you have any questions or would like more information about this research project, please contact Sarah Marshall at smarshall[at]
If you have any concerns about your treatment as a participant in this research, please contact the VIU Research Ethics Officer at or by telephone at 250-753-3245 (ext. 2665).
Consent: I have read the above form, understand the information read, understand that I can ask questions or withdraw at any time. Completion and return of the survey indicates my free and informed consent to participate in this research study.
I have read the above statements, understand the same, and voluntarily agree to participate in this study.
By clicking “YES” you will be connected to a URL that will take you to the online survey