Ideas for using sound in your


Recording with a Computer

Different Types of Audio Files

  • WAV files
    • an uncompressed file generally associated with Windows PCs
  • MP3 files
    • a compressed file that is best for uploading to the web

Different Kinds of Mics

Basic headphone and mic

  • sound quality for recording is not very good.
  • there is a volume controller on the plug in cable that can cause problems if not turned up.
  • pink end in mic jack, green end in headphone jack.
USB headset and mic

  • these are the easiest to use and record good audio
  • there is a volume controller on the cable
USB mic

  • the computer sometimes has difficulty recognizing this mic
  • make sure the mic is turned on. Button on base should be green.
  • Good if more than one person needs to use the mic at the same time.

Connecting a Mic

Tips and tricks.
  • make sure the mic is plugged into the computer BEFORE you access the website or program that you plan to use.
  • do a test recording BEFORE committing anything of quality to the recording
    • be aware that all the laptops have internal mics so your test recording might still pick up sound via the computer mic. If the volume of your test recording is low then you are probably using the computer mic.
  • Screen Cast: how to check your recording settings
    • the bottom of this screencast got cut off. To access audio settings right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Using Online Recording Sites

Most of these sites require you to set up an account or give them an email address before you start using them (Vocaroo is the exception). As a school we are working towards purchasing school wide licenses for some of these sites, but knowing how the sign up process works is an important skill to have. Be wary of giving up too much information when you sign up and read the Terms of Service to see what they will do with your information. I

If you are just trying out the site a useful tool is @tempinbox. When you are asked to give them an email address make one up that ends in (for example, You then go to and enter the email address you made up in the box provided. Any mail sent to that address will show up.


  • Vocaroo Screen Cast


  • Audio Pal Screen Cast



Using Computer Programs to Record Audio


Garage Band

Using a Voice Recorder

Sony Voice Recorder

Recording with an iPod

  • all school iTouch devices are on our school wireless network.
  • all school iTouch devices have had the Gmail account Aspengroveone added as the default mail client.

Capturing Audio

Voice Memos

Sharing Audio

Email as mp3
Email to Posterous Blog

Tips for Using the Tools with Students

Capturing Student Ideas

Recording Stories

Rehearsing (speech/second language)


How to Share Your Recordings

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